Opus Salon is part of Nacro, a social justice charity. Nacro works with a wide range of organisations and businesses. If you are interested in partnerships with Totton College or any of its services, contact Nacro on the links below. If you are a commercial vendor, you can find all relevant documents on this page.

Education services information
Housing services information
Information security

Education services

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Subcontract with us

Our policy covers all supply-chain fees and charges applicable to subcontractors set by Nacro for the academic year 2015-16.

Subcontracting fees and charges policy 2015-16 > Download here

 > Download here

Education and training pre-qualifying questionnaire > Download here

Study Programme and traineeships invitation to tender  > Download here

More about working with our education services

Contact us here.

Housing services

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More about our housing services

Contact us here.

Information security

Nacro’s information security policy statement – download here.